A Look at the Popularity of Bacon in the Oven

Bacon in the oven is a popular dish that many people enjoy cooking. We take a look at its popularity based on how people search.
Golden oven bacon glistening with fat, cooked to perfection in a glass baking dish.
Bacon in the oven is a popular dish in the United States, according to keyword data from Google. The top 500 searches reveal that bacon in the oven is a widely searched term, with a total of over 728,000 searches made every month (on average). It's not hard to see why it's so popular. Bacon in the oven is easy to make, mess-free, and produces perfectly cooked bacon that's crispy and delicious.

The data reveals a wide range of interests on the topic. Some people are interested in the perfect temperature for baking bacon, while others are searching for the best time to cook it. Many people are interested in making their bacon extra crispy, while others are looking for ways to cook bacon without it splattering all over the stove. In general, people seem to be looking for tips and tricks that will help them cook bacon in the oven to perfection.
While the popularity of bacon in the oven may not be surprising, it is interesting to see how much interest there is in this simple dish. Some of the more interesting finds from the data include the fact that people are searching for the best pan to use for baking bacon, and that many are interested in the best ways to cool bacon in the oven. There are also searches for the best oven temperature for baking bacon, as well as how to make bacon extra crispy.

Why Bacon in the Oven?

Baking bacon in the oven eliminates much of the mess and hassle associated with frying it on a stovetop. Not only is it easier to clean up, but baking also ensures that your bacon comes out perfectly cooked and crispy each time.

Additionally, baking bacon in the oven offers more control than frying it on the stovetop. You can set the oven temperature precisely and ensure that the bacon cooks evenly without burning or sticking to the pan. You can also adjust how long you want to cook it, so you can get just the right level of crispiness every time.

Finally, baking your bacon in an oven gives you more flexibility when it comes to flavoring and seasoning your bacon. You can add spices directly onto your strips before putting them into the oven, as well as use marinades or glazes for an extra punch of flavor. All these things make making bacon in an oven a great choice for anyone looking to achieve perfect results with minimal effort.
Give our Bacon in the oven calculator a try if you want to try for yourself.

Other ways of cooking bacon

In addition to baking bacon in the oven, there is also a lot of interest in other methods such as cooking bacon in an air fryer or microwave. For example, “bacon in air fryer” has been searched over 48,000 times per month and “microwave bacon” has been searched over 15,000 times per month. For those looking for a quick and easy way to cook their bacon without having to use the oven, these are great options. However, if you're looking for more control over how crispy your bacon gets or want to add some extra flavorings or seasonings, then baking it in the oven is still the best choice.

Top 10 US Google searches related to Bacon in the Oven

Search term Searches per month
bacon in the oven 91000
how to cook bacon in the oven 81000
how to bake bacon 40000
cooking bacon in the oven 29000
baking bacon 28000
cooking bacon in oven 27000
cook bacon in oven 26000
bake bacon 20000
how to make bacon in the oven 14000
oven baked bacon 12000
Source: Ahrefs.com - February 2023
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