How many glasses of wine in a bottle calculator

Automatically calculates how many glasses of wine in a bottle, as well as how many bottles of wine you need for a given number of people.
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Wine Glass Calculator

A standard bottle of wine contains 75 centiliters.

Typically, you will be served 15 centiliters in a glass at a restaurant.

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About the calculator

This calculator makes two different calculations.

The first calculation shows you how many glasses of wine there are in a wine bottle, based on the size of the wine bottle and how much each glass should contain. We inform about standard numbers based on normals, but you can adjust these to suit your specific needs.

The second calculation is based on the first, in the form of how many glasses of wine are in exactly "your" bottle. Here you can easily calculate how many bottles you need for a party or similar, based on how many people will drink wine and how many glasses you assume each person will drink on average.

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How much wine for a given number of people

The table assumes that each wine glass contains 15 centiliters of wine, and that each person drinks four glasses of wine on average.
How much wine for... Number of bottles
2 people 1,6
5 people 4
10 people 8
20 people 16
30 people 24
40 people 32
50 people 40
60 people 48
70 people 56
80 people 64
90 people 72
100 people 80

FAQ on how many glasses of wine in a bottle

How to calculate glasses of wine to a bottle?
To calculate the number of glasses of wine in a bottle, you need to know the total volume of wine in the bottle (in centilitres) and the desired volume of wine you want to serve in each glass (in centilitres). The formula to calculate the number of glasses of wine in a bottle is:

Number of glasses = (Volume of wine in the bottle) / (Volume of wine per glass)

For example, if you have a standard 75 centilitre bottle of wine and want to serve 15 centilitres of wine per glass, you would use the following calculation:

Number of glasses = 75 / 15 = 5

In this case, you would be able to pour 5 glasses of wine from the bottle, each containing 15 centilitres of wine.
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How many glasses in a bottle of wine?
A standard bottle of wine usually contains 75 centiliters of wine. When you are served wine in a restaurant, a single glass usually contains 15 centiliters. Therefore, one bottle of wine contains five glasses.
Glass of red wine
How many decilitres of wine should a glass contain?
A standard glass of wine should contain around 1.5 dl. The exact amount of wine you choose to pour into a glass will depend on the size of the glass and your personal preferences. If you are drinking a large glass of wine, you may choose to pour up to 2 dl.
Wine glass on the table.
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