Independent savings calculator with compound interest

The savings calculator allows you to easily calculate how much you can save over a selected time period with compound interest. Let the calculator do the work for you!

About the savings calculator

This savings calculator shows you how much you can save over a selected period of time by taking compound interest into account. This allows you to see how the sum will grow over time, and how much you will have available when needed. The calculator can be a useful tool for setting goals and planning your financial future.

"Compound interest" means that when you have money in the bank, you get interest paid out, for example once a month. And the interest you get on this then becomes part of your savings, and is therefore counted as part of your money the next time the interest is paid out.

It is important to include compound interest in the calculation because it gives a more realistic picture of how much you will have available on the day you want to use the money in the account. Compound interest increases the value of your money over time, which can make a big difference over many years. By including compound interest in the calculation, you get a more accurate picture of how much you want to save and how long it will take to reach your savings goals.