Ohm‘s law calculator

Our Ohm's law calculator automatically calculates Voltage, Current and Resistance. Also learn what Ohm’s law is all about.
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Calculate Ohm's Law

Ohm's law FAQ

What are the 3 formulas in Ohm's law?
Voltage: V = R x I (Voltage = Resistance*Current)

Current: I = V / R (Current = Voltage/Resistance)

Resistance: R = V / I (Resistance = Voltage/Current)
What is Ohm's law used for?
Ohm's law can be used to calculate the resistance of an unknown circuit.
What are the limitations of Ohm's law?
The most obvious case is when the circuit consists of only one wire.

Another situation arises when the resistance of the circuit is very high compared to the resistance of the wires within the circuit.

A third situation occurs when the circuit contains no resistive elements.

The temperature can also have an impact on the resistance.

Finally, the resistance of some materials depends upon their orientation relative to the direction of current flow.
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